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Why choose Paterna?

Paterna is a modern town, ideal for all kinds of economic activity, thanks to its up-to-date infrastructure, facilities and services, plus the town’s own resources and assets.

Business and Service Areas

  • Technology Park

    Technology Park +

  • Táctica


  • Parque Científico Universidad Valencia

    University of Valencia Science Park

  • L'Andana


  • Fuente del Jarro

    Fuente del Jarro

  • Paterna Commerce Union


  • MultiPaterna


  • Paterna Gastronómica

    Paterna Gastronómica

The title ‘Paterna, City of Enterprise’, created by the town hall, embraces all local economic interests and aims to promote our town, both nationally and internationally.

We want to reveal Paterna’s competitive advantages and potential, particularly in the light of the creation of new productive activities locally and also to promote both nationally and internationally our small and medium-scale businesses.

Our aim is to demonstrate the attraction of Paterna, one of Spain’s major enterprise hubs, with its ultramodern infrastructure, facilities and services, as well as the town’s own resources and assets.

For this, we can call upon information resources and legal advice from experts who are able to act as mediators with public and private concerns at both local and regional levels. We also produce studies on the local social and economic environment so that companies may realign and improve their activity.

Paterna, justifiably renowned for its innovative technology, R&D and professional training, engages in a wide range of reputable research at both national and international levels. The town’s industrial areas include:

  • 9 technology institutes under the auspices of REDIT (Network of Technology Institutes in the Valencian Region)
  • 6 University of Valencia research institutes
  • The Valencia Regional Centre for Clean Technology
  • The European Business & Innovation Centre (CEEI)

Quality of life

  • · Its quality of life ...
    quality of lifequality of life
  • · Its culture and tradition ...
    culture and traditionculture and tradition
  • · Its historical sites ...
    historical siteshistorical sites
  • · Its natural environment ...
    Natural environmentnatural environment