Technology Park.

Valencia Technological Park was an initiative of IMPIVA (Valencian Institute for Small and Medium-Scale Industry) at the end of the 1980s. The aim was to attract, among others, high-tech industry, research, training and development centres and public bodies (such as the regional service of TVE, Spanish National Television).

Within the bounds of Valencia Technology Park are more than 450 companies employing around 8000 staff. Its infrastructure and working space allow firms to be a part of a highly competitive business environment. Features include the most up-to-date technological resources, a strong service sector, efficient communication systems, commercial cooperation, business-oriented-research centres, cooperative ventures with local Universities, quality highways, green areas and parking facilities – in other words, the very latest resources and a rich quality of life within a framework that has benefited from the experience of technology parks elsewhere in Europe. It also exemplifies common factors that differentiate a Technology Park from other more traditional areas where industry is located.

The principle objectives of Valencia Technological Park are to foster industrial diversification within the Valencia region, encourage the incorporation of new technology and give support to R&D initiatives. It welcomes businesses that value constant innovation, the importance of research, the quality of staff working conditions, good communications and a technical infrastructure that respects the environment.

Within the Park, there are nine Technology Institutes, underwritten by IMPIVA (the Valencian Institute for Small and Medium-Scale Industry) together with universities and business interests. These Institutes are powerhouses whose aim is to give direct support to companies seeking to update their technology and diversify industrially. Because of the concentration of such Institutes within Valencia Technological Park, companies based there enjoy a close relationship with them, including direct contact with their technicians and researchers.

Valencia Technological Park is strategically sited at the hub of a communication network. Based in Paterna, only eight kilometres from Valencia, the Park is barely 100 metres from the junction to the ring road that connects to both the Madrid motorway and the European network that links France with Alicante via Barcelona. Manises international airport is only five kilometres away. Equally convenient are the train station (8 kilometres) and Valencia’s international port (12 kilometres).

104 hectares
Available plots
260, measuring between 800 and 2500 square metres
Typical Companies within the Park
Technology Institutes, Business Incubator (part of the European Business & Innovation Centre - CEEI), Business Training Centres, companies specialising in R&D, service and consultancy firms and clean industries